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January 14, 2007



hmmm...as nice as it would be for them to go to the big game with their cinderella story and drew brees showing what he's made of, i must say, GO BEARS!!!
though i have to admit i am also a Colts chic, much to jon's sadness. our house will be divided, as will our young adults community group, if there is a Colts-Bears Super Bowl...

Thomas Guidy

Boooooooo Bears!!!!!!

Mike & Gin

bears, saints, bears, saints .......
hmmm, which will it be?


I am Excited but reserved. Im pulling for them as Ive allways done. See you on the other side... (of the game that is lol)

Becky Briley

What is it about us Cajuns - we never give up on our own. I can remember me, Debby and Celeste sitting on Sunday afternoons cheering for them when we lived in Crowley. Yes, your wife has been a fan since early childhood. That is real faith (and hope).


I say, go Saints! My mother is a HUGE fan of the Saints as well, and was actually telling the story to Dave yesterday about the paper bags on the fans' heads. She has stated more than once that if the Saints make it to the Superbowl, she WILL be going. We're all hoping they take it all...go Saints!

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