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January 29, 2007



It seems that how it goes...one week after, two weeks after.....then one month ago, two months ago. That's how you start "counting" time. Almost every week, I say to myself on Wednesday, "it's been 15 weeks", (or however many weeks it had been at that time). But, every day I get more and more excited because God helps me to realize that it's one more day closer to being with Him and with our loved ones again! I'm really praying for you guys and especially for your dad. Craig and I were married for 15 months, and I'm at a total loss sometimes; I just can't imagine what it has to be like for your dad being married to your mom for 64 years! What a blessing that was! And I completely agree with the worship thing you wrote about! Being able to worship has been an amazing part of my healing I believe. Please know we're all praying for you and your family!

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