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January 04, 2007


Victoria Black

I love that scripture. Thanks for your blogs...they're encouraging. There is a certain air of anticipation and excitement about the new year. It's going to be a great year for the kingdom. We're going to be victorious. God will get all the glory. Thanks again for writing.

Ron Prevost

I am fairly new to Pensacola and even more importantly new in Christ. Funny thing is shortly after coming to Christ I am experiencing some of the most intensely toughest times I have ever experienced in my life. I am smack in the middle of a trial by fire and have been stuck here for quite some time. I don't know when it will end but I will never loose faith in Christ Jesus. He truly has changed me from the inside out. And I am with Him until the end.

PS: Thank you for this site. I saw Pastor Bobby Lepinay on television for the first time tonight and his message was right on target with what I'm going through. You have truly sparked my interest :)

Thomas Guidy

Now...who was that that stood in trial and was imprisoned; but looked into the face of the enemy and proclaimed he had freedom provided by God, and was anointed with joy? I have covered so much of the Bible I forgot who that was, so forgive me. My first thoughts went to that passage as you illustrated your 2006 experience and victory. All I know is I am happy I was led to Harvest in 2006.

I am claiming 2006 a victory as well!

Since the services 12-31, 1-1, and 1-2.

I no longer smoke. :D !

My mind has been focusing more on our savior.

I can't seem to get enough quality Christian music and bible discussions on the radio. When I get rich I'm gettin' XM!

Stress has been near non existent and I just feel better.

My blood pressure has dropped enough to make me think I may have to get OFF of b.p. meds.

My heart rate is way lower.

I think we all needed those special services!

God Bless Brother!

Thomas Guidy


We all are ready! Glad the new year is here.

Betty Bryant

2006 was definitely challenging for me, too. 2007 will no doubt be challenging also, but even so, I feel an air of excited anticipation about what God will do in and through my life during this new year! I am ever amazed about "the peace that transcends understanding"...Although I am currently expericencing the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with so far in my life, I know that I know that I know that I belong to Jesus, and He has ultimate control over every aspect of my life. Even though I can't see it happening, He is working out his perfect plan. And no matter what the outcome, I know that He will somehow be glorified through it.

...by the way, your blogs are a huge encouragement to me...thanks for taking the time.

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