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December 06, 2006


Tony Roland

Brother B.,
Thank you for the artical & personal note. This is the stuff of life. If we want to have happiness, leave a legacy of time spent with friends and family, make memories. I told my son Stephen years ago about savoring a moment in time, take an intentional moment you are enoying, pause long enough to frame it in your mind, feel the feelings, smell the smells, really see faces, then intentionally save it in your memory for reliving the moment later. I had forgotten about sharing this with my son many many years ago. Can I tell you how pleased I was to hear him remind me of what I said just a couple months ago.


One of the hardest times was when my first born left the house! But also a joyous time because he had grown into a good young man. Many mixed feelings. But you and Debbie should be proud you raised and good, productive, healthy in mind and soul son. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world to raise a good child. Congrats on all of yours. By the way, Mike has a table in the garage and loves to play! He used to play with his father who could beat him every time, even after his stroke with only one hand! Now he plays with our sons, one hand behing his back! Not for much longer though! They got pretty good! Many blessings to you and yours.


First of all I'd like to say I'm sorry for coming outta' left field by posting that song. It was what was on my brain at the time. I felt it needed to be communicated. Anyway, I ain't a pool guru. I've played that game a time or two. I can't hit a bank shot for nuthin' I can make a pool game a marathon though...thats a fact! I've shot against some of best in Pensacola. I perplex em' so much man....somtimes I win! Ha! Enough delaying. Bobby, God spoke to me. I think I'm being called man. The thing I don't get is (in what capacity. Mayby I ain't "ready" yet...or dang... I might already be doing it. People who are hurting gravitate to me for some reason. The best feeling I get is I'm about to turn the corner and find what I've been looking for. Writers block,...guess thats it. Congrats on your sons 21! Tell ya what. I have a myspace. The slide show is above my friends. Thats me. http://www.myspace.com/thomas_p_beach
I'd like to hear your words on this, if you will.....If not..I'll press on. tkg1971@yahoo.com

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