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December 30, 2006


Thomas Guidy

Brother Bobby,
You lead a rich, full life. You are truly blessed with a tight knit family. I am sitting in front of this computer... alone... again on a New Years Eve. This ain't the first one either. Ha! Perhaps it's the winds of change that have netted me a solo new years eve this time. Conviction perhaps...I dunno'. I had a chance to be around some folks I know and love tonight, but I knew drugs and dope were going to be there. I drink… yes, but even though they do this stuff in moderation I can’t stand the smell and sight of dope smoking. That dope stuff bothers me to no end. I don’t understand it. I'm not going to question why I was not motivated to go. If I would have went I would have missed Brother Garza’s kick off. Brother Garza alluded to myspace evening. The definition was clear; I know he was speaking of allowing our creator into our own personal space, but it just so happens that I have a myspace account. I have temporarily changed the settings which allow folks who aren't on my friends list to click and view my profile. I'm inviting the readers of Brother Bobby's blog to have a look into who I am. It shows that I ain't perfect. I ain't scared to show it Harvest. The location is below.


If that doesn't work search for my myspace account with the search by email address option



Michael got the debris poboy at Acme. Not as good as Mothers. The oyster poboy at Acme is the BEST....IF you like oysters, of course! We need to do a trip with some couples.....would be a blast.

Robert Pooley

What? No debris from Mothers?

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