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December 13, 2006



Right on! The only way I could dance like that would be to cut n' paste my face to that. Y'all don't know me yet, so I'll spare you the shock n' awe. Ha! l8tr.


O.k yes that is the best!!!!!!!Humor really is the best medicine!

Mike & Gin

Do we get to see the "Live" version
tonite at the Christmas party? Toooo
funny!! Elf is our #2 favorite next
to "you're gonna shoot your eye out!"


That is so hilarious! Very cute...love the goofy PB grin on your face...

Dave and I decided our first Christmas that "Elf" would be 'our' Christmas movie. I can never get enough of it. BTW, ask Dave about the correlation between you and the "angry Elf." Hehe.

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