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December 26, 2006


Thomas G.

The Christmas Eve service was great Bobby. I'm glad we all were able to go. I heard some things in that Christmas story that I haven't heard before. It made perfect since. What a Christmas I had! My story sounds kinduv' bad, but it's great. On the evening of the 23rd the car quit on me at Garden and Spring Street. That night I pushed the car and my daughter (she was scared to death and crying) to safety for a block and a half, no joke. I called a friend of mine Jamie. He came and got us, Christmas presents and all. Another friend of mine offered the use of his truck during the holiday so that my daughter and I could have transportation. In reflection, Christmas 2006 was NOT going to be derailed. Everything I had planned to do; including taking my daughter and little brother from another mother (not blood related)to the Harvest service was NOT going to be derailed. This Christmas; as a matter of fact, was the best one yet. When I got back home from returning my daughter to her mom I started checking my car. Turns out the coil wire had vibrated loose. I was so used to everything going wrong in my life as a worst case scenario. I didn't even bother to lift the hood based on this assumption. The lessons learned. I learned who my friends are. I learned not to assume everything isn't the worst case scenario.

God Bless Harvest,


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