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October 17, 2006


Derek Yutzy

Bob!! It's been so long!! I'll catch up with you on a later date. I just found out today that Patrick passed away and I'd like information on the funeral, etc. I'd like a tape or video, and, at the least, information. You both pastored me at the beginning of my spiritual life and for that I'm so greatful. Your words linger in my heart, even today. Is there a way to send the family a message? Thanks. Talk to you soon.

Heather Zempel

Thanks for making the trip up for the seminar! Hope you and the girls had a great time in DC!

Debbie Bixler

Thanks for sharing--it brought tears to my eyes. Very unusual to see an introduction like that--amazing! He will come in a twinkling of an eye and at the trumpet sound! We must be ready--very soon for His second coming!!!

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