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September 13, 2006



Always grateful, for everything! Every person in the States should live outside the country at least once in their lifetime and the world would be a better place, for most!


I thank you for posting this issue of being thankful for what we have. You may not know me; I actually go to Olive Baptist. But I got to go to Khabarovsk, Russia (a city in Siberia) last March. I still keep up with friends that I made there, and they are a constant reminder for me to be grateful for what we have here. Believe me, we really live like kings in America, and it is a wonder that God hasn't taken it away from us.


Just read the post today after being home sick for two days, not really feeling any better but I am at work. I say I am thankful for sick pay! I am thankful I have a job even though there are really stressful day!!! Like today a major water line broke and there has been calls for 1 1/2 hours from cranky residents about no water.


Pastor Bobby,
Wow! What a slap of reality. Seems I have been experiencing the same thoughts for a
couple of weeks,which I am ashamed to admit.
My attitude needed an adjustment.The article was very timely. Needless to say -
I repent!

Have a great day


Off to work at 6:00am but I love my work so no complaints here. While in China on a short term mission I was talking to a young guy on a ship we were on. He was in training to be a ship captain. I asked him how he chose that occupation and he said, he didn't, he wanted to be a police officer but the scores he got on their SAT "type" test said he was better suited to be a ship captain. He had no choice, he said he would do it for about 7 years and then look for a way out of the job. It struck me that in a communist country, he had to do the job they chose for him! In America, you may hate your job, but theres no law saying you have to stay in that job. I think our freedom is the most important thing to be thankful for, in more ways than one.


Good stuff and right on time. I've been having my own personal "issues" the past several days, and all afternoon God has used things to remind me it's really not as bad as I want to act like it is...and that He still loves me even when I can't seem to do anything except whine...This posting was a great end to my day. Thanks!


Ouch!! I have been soooo right here for the last few weeks. You know, our Kidstuf verse for the month is: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in ALL circumstances..." And the things we find to complain about...

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