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August 10, 2006



Well, the way I see it is that after 10 years there, he must not be too worried about it to so easily volunteer the info! I never got his name however......probably not a good idea to be posting so late at night...:)


You might want to take his picture off the internet if he is in the witness protection program, unless he has had extensive plastic surgery!??!! You goofball!


"and the guy you see to his left is in the witness protection program..." You know they're going to have to move him now, right?

teresa skelley

take out the "n" on nut and insert a "b"

too funny...now it should read better!! :-)


teresa skelley

I only got to see B.A. for a moment during rehearsal, nut i gotta say they all looked liked they were having WAY too much FUN up there!!


Lauren Marchlewski

I love hearing your stories. Keep on telling them.

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