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June 08, 2006



I would think that hearing the good news about how well the Lord has blessed and enabled the "big" church to reach kids and their familes would pump you up. You have to remember that we are all on the same team and all goals scored are "big" in Gods eyes because they are for the father. Get out there and kick your efforts up a notch and get in the game.


Pastor B,
I think it might be encouraging for you to hear that I had attended harvest when it was at the silverscreen and Herman street, but I had not come to the right place with God yet. I hadn't been truly walking with the Lord until it was at the New Testament building, and even though it may not be "our" church, it means more to me than any other place, becuase I have had many encounters with the Lord there. I would worship with Harvest if it was in a grass hut ouside- it really wouldn't matter to me. It is all for his glory anyways!


You must have lost your mind for a moment!!


Hey Bobby. In our world, MOST churches barely have a roof, but guess what, the FAITH of these hondurans is bigger than I have ever witnessed. In fact, our church here just "sent out" their FIRST from among the members to INDIA! It may not have all the guru tectronixs in the service, but hey the WORD is reaching across the world!! Glory to God! Keep up the AWESOME work Bobby...

Send our love to everyone...Mark


Hi Pastor Bobby,

I do not attend your church but I love what you are doing in Pensacola. There are not alot of Ministers that are gifted and equipped to reach the souls that you are reaching. You are not afraid to get out there with the sinners that others are afraid of. I admire you and your family. You are known well in Pensacola for what you are doing. Keep it up. You will be blessed.

Honoray Joseph

Today I felt a strong urge to pray as i passed the theatre location. I was wondering why and I guess your day tells me. Look at it this way:

Ultimate speaker to come to your church-
2000 dollars,
State of the art Multimidia system- 1,000,000

Doing all you can to reach even 1 lost individual, Priceless..... =+)

As me and my friends back home say to one another, "Stay up" translation "keep your eyes on Jesus and His mission". Its totally Paid for... LoL

David K

Understand completely- been there done that!

You are a great Pastor fulfilling your call (see my blog on Pastoral Call) with the people God has given you at this appointed time- press ahead!

Rachel Thurmond

I, and many others would much rather be in a church that has the 'presence of God'... Him dwelling & speaking...than the best of all things temporal. Are there not enough lifeless, Godless churches is this nation? Obviously an awesome building and a wonderful program alone does not please the Lord. We are with you PB!


At the risk of sounding redundant: Its easy to get caught up in the comparing / measuring success thing & along side many other unpleasant side effects it all leads to DISSATISFACTION with what God has planned for you.
The result is like a kink in the hose of God's grace - that supernatural enabling to be who & what you are called to be - gets cut off, if only for a short time.


I really the enemy loves it when we get side tracked with the comparison game because then we get our eyes off the goal.

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