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June 27, 2006


Fred McKinnon

Pastor Bobby -
Awesome - we'll pray for you, as I know you pray for me. *IF* you build ... sure hope I can join up with Will and lead worship there again! (of course, I hope to do that again regardless!)

For the Kingdom,


Praying for you PB!

dan ohlerking

man, i love the way you blog. and you can be sure that we're praying for you here.

i just can't understand why in the world they're sending you to hawaii when baton rouge is so much closer and less expensive and at least as hot. i guarantee our food's better. and we've got swamps - what do they have? oh - yeah - big beautiful beaches with incredible waves and palm trees and and and.....

dude, have a blast on the trip. you're going out there healthy, and coming back even healthier. in Jesus' name.

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