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May 17, 2006



Pastor; love your sermons.I am being energized by attending this church! Is this the "great falling away?" That what was considered secret is now "out." and everyone is "biting and chewing" it. Everyone focussing on this book and what it states( they claim) about Yeshua and also the book of Judas?I have had great respect for Audrey Tatou and have loved her movies but not this movie.

Eddie Gray

Dude (I mean, Pastor dude), I CAN'T BELIEVE you think Tom Hanks is 'without a doubt the best actor of our generation'. Good grief, that's just too much credit for old Tom. Is he a Hollywood darling? Certainly. He's a bankable cash cow. But so was Jim Carrey for several years, and to some extent still is. But sucessful actors aren't always the best actors (think Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise...dullsville). Honestly, I'd give the 'best actor of our generation' spot to either Johnny Depp or John Cuzack before Tom Hanks. I mean, I enjoyed such films as Joe Versus the Volcano and Volunteers, but really...the best? :-)


These folks always have great insight and here is a link to a discussion about TDC...

Might want to skip the first page just b/c they are warming up to the topic. This is a forum for both atheists and Christians to discuss...keep in mind these folks are fairly intellectual.

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