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April 26, 2006


Mike & Gin

I too have a dog story. We lost our oldest
golden last November, and I too knew it was
his season. Cain was nearing 16 years old,
which was 4 years past what a golden normally lives. He would have good days and
bad days, but he wasn't in any pain. I asked
the Lord to let me find him "asleep" on his
blanket. And that's how I found him. I knew that morning as I was leaving for work and
he looked at me right before I walked out the door. He knew. And I guess I did too.
And yes I boohooed, and Mike boohooed too. But we have wonderful memories, our animals
are part of the "fam". And yes he is
buried in our backyard, after all it was his
home for 15 years. We too lost a best bud.


Heres my dog story. Carolyn and I got a yellow lab puppy before kids and "kelti" was like our firstborn! I am really a dog person, even though we have 2 cats. In 1997 After 12 years of loyalty and being a faithful friend I had to put her down. It was emotionally, the hardest thing I personally have ever done. I felt terrible even though it was "her season" she too couldn't get up or down and her quality of life was gone. Whats was sad was looking into her eyes and knowing that she knew it too. Leaving the vet,I'm not ashamed to say I cried all the way home. I lost a great friend that day. Thats one of the reasons why I don't want another dog right now. I still love dogs more than cats though, big dogs!

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