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April 03, 2006


Kevin Elliott

Hey Bobby,

Good to see you and roger and hear about what you are doing now a days. Is there a website to connect with other liberty grads?

take care


Bobby Lepinay

Thanks David....passed on the word to them tonight, as we watched FLORIDA whup up on UCLA over at there house...:-)

Natalie, concerning our building, one third of it was finished this past June and it has stopped since. We are wonderfully cast upon God and learning afresh that the building of the Body of Christ and reaching the lost marches forward regardless...I wish I had an answer for you, but stay tuned as God leads us...! Glad the blog is a blessing to you.

Roberto.......Will took the picture last week. I then thought, "Hey....I always wanted to be called Pastor Vinnie..."....so we went with it. :)
Love you, bro....looking forward to hanging out in DC!

Robert Pooley

Congrats on the new addition... and by the way... I like the new picture of you playing pool... has kind of a cheesy look... and makes me want to call you Vinnie. Fuggedaboutit!

Natalie Presley

Pastor Bobby,

I don't know if you will remember me or not because it has been such a long time since I have been home, but I started going to Harvest during the summers that I was home from college at Oral Roberts University back about three years ago. A lot of things have changed due to the hurricanes and life in general, and although we still live in Milton, I am rarely there anymore to come to church. I was just wondering what was going on with the reconstruction of the theatre building at Herman. I will be graduating from O.R.U. with my bachelors in Social Work in about four weeks and will be moving home for the summer. I know that you have been having church in another building and will be trying to get there as often as I can, but I was just curious about the progress, or non-progress of the other building. I love that you keep this blog, because it helps me to be able to keep up with what is going on at home. Thanks! Natalie

David Kerr

Congrats on Roger and Theresa- say hello to them for me.

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