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April 11, 2006


Dave Flaton

Here is another story on this guy.


This is gonna end up like the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Raceway, where that guy was stabbed to death by a Hells Angel.

Dave Flaton

This guys disgraces those who fight so he can live in a country that allows free speech. He is like the right wing equivalent of Cindy Sheehan. Nobody is twisting his arm to live here, if he hates this country so much why doesn't he leave. I don't like alot of things that are happening now days. I can only just try to live like Jesus would in this culture. He does not realize that he is doing more damage then good.

Dave Flaton

Wow! This guy is gonna get shot! I think it is so sad that nuts like this get all the publicity, and we here nothing of others who reach out in a more Christ-like manor. But the media loves to sesationalize stuff like this. Just like how we only read about people who shoot abortion doctors, but here nothing of people who work in clinics that encourage young girls to have their babies and look into adoption.

Bobby Lepinay

Great input, guys...! Each day this site gets between 80 to 130 visits, and I always fear that some of the "Pastor Phelps" types will have snuck in when I open the comments asking for input, etc.... Its nice to see our readership here love God and are have a heart for people. Thanks again for the good thoughts....!

Leah Flaton

How sad it is that this man is so deceived as to who God really is...and sadly, those children have now been told this is what a Christian is. He sees nothing of the compassion, grace, love and forgiveness of our Lord. He solely chooses to focus on God's wrath and judgement. This man is completely blinded to how Jesus actually walked on this earth and dealt with sinners. I wonder how fruitful his messages of hate have been, how many people have actually come to Christ because of him...


I agree this man is dong work for the enemy. He is turning people away from faith. His actions are not done in love.

We all have to pray for him and his family.


Teresa Skelley

Sure, this guy speaks the truth, but his motive is hate. We all have to go through correction in our lives, but if the motive behind that correction is a genuine concern for the other's spiritual well-being, it makes it more bearable AND it is encouraging to try to do better.
I just think this guy is approaching it all wrong and is turning more people off towards God than on.


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