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April 20, 2006


Stephen Robertson

Gotta disagree with you on this one. Pharmaceuticals are one of the most regulated industries there is. These companies spend billons in R&D then few more billon getting their drugs approved by the FDA. Then they have seven years to make back those billons plus some profit before their patents are legally void. So legislation and red tape create a situation where the companies must get "creative" to remain profitable.

I am not saying they are blameless; the real issue though is the relationships between doctors and the pharm. companies. It’s not right when a doctor gets a trip to Vegas if he sells enough pills. If those kids were taking drugs they did not need, their doctors and ignorant parents are the only ones at fault.

I would much rather live in a society where the evil "BiGPharm" is allowed to make their huge profits on their life saving drugs than live under a government that regulated innovation into extinction. So they have ads to convince me I need a product I do not need. Burger King does this too; the beauty is that I have the ability to make my own decisions.

By the way, the "Natural Supplements" industry makes way more profit selling gel caps full of dirt. They are regulated by no one, and you can buy them at Walmart. I'd trust Pfizer over these guys any day.

Ann Canterbury

As a nursing student I am amazed at how much medication my patients are on. Today was a perfect example of how meds can interact. My patient is taking hormone replacement medication, one of the side effects is heart arrythmia, well she is on the telemetry floor with heart problems. She takes so many medications that when I went back to check on her she was totally out of it. Just sitting and staring at the wall. I've also noticed the side effects are sometimes worse then the original problem.

Leah Flaton

Wow, how sad is that...a 'pill break.' Children today are growing up thinking it's completely normal to take pills every day just so you can act balanced.

Not only do we have greedy pharmaceutical companies that turn everything into a disease, but now we also have a society that will not take personal responsibility for their actions. Because of these doctors and companies pushing new drugs, no longer do people accept the consquences of their choices and decisions...now it can be cured with a simple pill. I have heard that shoplifting is a disease, alcoholism and drug addiction are now diseases, the list goes on. Going even further, some "diseases" are simply ingrained behaviors and personality traits (such as shyness). But I digress...

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