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April 04, 2006



ummm...ye olde macintosh just shut down on me and now I have to refile everything! argggh!


The mac minis are awesome--but ours was a bit more than 4 or 5 hundred...if I remember correctly. As far as space saving with all the capabilities of a pc--can't be beaten. Hurricane hits, we pack it in the suitcase with us!


I Agree with Fred as well I know Chris Dufrene will join in. You can get a Mac Mini for round 4-5 hundred and its a super stable platform.Ive been bluescreen virus and crash free with mac.. I have one if you want to see one in action....

I Pray God fixes your puter problems.

In His and Your Service,

Fred McKinnon

Shoulda got a Mac - www.apple.com
"Think Different".


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