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March 20, 2006


Thomas Guidy

Pastor Bobby,

I like the burning leaves analogy. I spent quite a bit of time as a Christian away from fellowship. Since I have returned to fellowshipping with great Christians my wisdom of God, and the wisdom he works through me have increased dramatically. Jesus was dependant on the father, we are dependant of them; therefore, Christians are dependant on each other because of the vast menagerie of gifts each Christian holds. We as Christians freely use our gifts from God to positively assist in the lives of other Christians. We also use our gifts to bring people to the Lord. So Ira Milligan that’s a big "right on” You said it all in a nutshell. I Thank God and my mother for the seed that took root in my soul. Right now that seed is growing, and I am still learning. With fellowship like Harvest and my home church I'm sure the seed will grow to a mighty Sequoyah tree by the time I am promoted to heaven. I am proud to say I am a Christian, and I am happy that God works through me!

God Bless All,


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