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March 02, 2006



Have to tell you, I was in the other room when James played this video. Maybe I was just really tired...but I thought it was a hurricane! Scared me a little. OK, it just plain scared me. :-0

Thomas Guidy

This video demonstrates that the days and events in our life are just like the waves in the ocean. A surfer doesn't know when the perfect wave ride will come, nor does he know when a wave will present a challenge. We do not know what the future is, and we have no way of controlling it. We do know who the maker of the waves is. He is the author of souls and master of our lives, God. It is a comfort to think that Christians know that. God knows every pain and every struggle in our lives. Having and maintaining faith will ensure you through every wave that the walk of life throws at you. The spirit of God WILL see you through. God is here to help. All you have to do is ask. Thanks for the words Pastor. You have a way of challenging to people think.

God Bless,

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