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March 07, 2006


David Kerr

You are being prayed for in Texas. Speedy recovery.



Hey Pastor Bobby. You are in our prayers. We love you and your fam as OUR fam with the heart of Jesus.....

Our best friend is a healer. Be encouraged brother

In His and Your Service,

Wendy McSwain

Hey, Pastor Bobby!
Those "barium smoothies" are indeed rather vile. I sure hope you feel better soon! You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Ian & Teresa

Nice outfit...Please tell me you will be wearing that next sunday. :)
Were praying for you.

Robinson Family (not Swiss)

Hey Bob, we prayed for you yesterday (Robinsons, Sewells, Di Christinas) as promised and continue to pray for your continued healing. Hey, I've never had a Barium smoothie before. Do they come Coffee Mocha flavored?

Thomas Guidy

Ah yes; Barium smoothies, your reward for hours in the waiting room ! Hey man the best physician; God, working through humans caught those stones at the onset. Thats good news. You will be alright and I'm right sure of it! Anyway I thought I'd send a shout out to ya. God speed to your recovery ! I'm looking forward to your future blog.



Oh! And here I was wondering why it was taking you SO long to update your blog! We'll be praying for you, PB.

amanda b.

If we were going to give out awards for 'Best Blog Ever' this would win. Hands down! On a serious note...I will be praying for you. I sure hope you get well soon.


Leah Flaton

Hey PB...I'm so sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. Dave and I will certainly be praying for your complete healing. I'm sure many others will be doing the same as well. Be well...we miss you guys.

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