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March 21, 2006


Thomas Guidy

Uh oh, the fatal accidental key tap that sends your data into oblivion, this has happened to me SEVERAL times. I got so bad with this I finally started typing my drafts in my Word program, and then I save my work every periodically. That worked out well. Now I just cut and paste my words into the application that I am working on. Freaking out over the small stuff is one of the main things that have changed in my life since I began a closer relationship with The Lord. I still slip to an extent sometimes; we all do, but then I think "would Jesus have a temper over this?" After thinking of how Jesus would carry himself I press on, and then I do something else for a while. Later on I go back to my incomplete task. The wisdom of our Lord is an inexhaustible resource for us; it is there for our asking.

God bless all,

Thomas Guidy


Thank you so much for this post. I do know what the other post would have been about but this one I really need to be reminded!
Thanks PB!

dan ohlerking

you are SO right with this. easier said than done most of the time for me, but when i do let stuff roll off, i generally find myself a MUCH happier person.

and stuff does usually work out fine - and even if it doesn't - i've still got Jesus, i'm still going to heaven, and you can't beat that package deal. the rest is just lagniappe.

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