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March 27, 2006


Thomas Guidy,........(again) lol

Well, I accidentally sent my last blog post before I was finished, ha! (continued) By investing our gifts from God; money and spiritual, we gain comfort financially and spiritually; better yet, the investing of our spiritual gifts in our populace helps folks pull through difficult situations. The passing of our God given wisdom to those who need it is the will of God, and that’s a sound, Godly investment. By doing this we ensure that the word of God is seeded in the heart of the recipient. The word of God and his spiritual gifts should not be kept to yourself, invest it and watch it grow! We are reminded again that human alteration of the word of God is deadly. It’s like a Sheppard driving his sheep off of a cliff. A good understanding prevents a misunderstanding!

God Bless All,

Thomas Guidy

Thomas Guidy

Thats around the sixth time Matthew 25 has been brought to my attention in the past three weeks. Each time I see it it is like seeing it for the first time. The wisdom within Matthew 25 points out a new understanding each time I study it. Gifts from God: weather it be money, skill, encouragement, writing, and many other gifts should be INVESTED

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