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March 29, 2006


Bobby Lepinay

Hmmm...the Barbarian Way....sounds like one I need to get! Dont think I will be shaving my head, however, as my 'elfen ears' wont permit. :) Looking forward to seeing you with it, however...! Bobby

Steve Bowen


i shaved my head the other day...really almost razzor short...I always wanted go for it...balding...i thought if you don't have it flaunt it...difference of a bad hair cut and a good hair cut is now 3mos.
i read the barbarian way...i admit i want to take risks.

Thomas Guidy

A promotion to heaven is the reward for our servitude and faith while we are in our earth suits. To God our lives are no more than a breeze blowing through the leaves of an Oak tree. I have gained some wisdom from Rev. Julian Walker on this subject. On the mother’s day service in 2005 he spoke of his mother and others in the congregation spoke on theirs. It was a wonderful fitting tribute to her God touched life. I was new in the church at the time. I was looking all around that church for who his mom might be. In the conclusion of his tribute he said: “my mother was promoted to heaven years ago”. He said “I never speak of my mother, or anybody who has been promoted to heaven in past tense, they LIVE in the kingdom of God forever”. So often it is thought that saying goodbye to a Christian departing this world is dark day. It is natural for us to mourn the loss of a friend or family in this world. Our Lord mourns too; I have seen it in the word. A beloved Christian loosing the battle to sustain life in this world results in a VICTORY, a promotion to heaven! The soul in heaven is in blissful celebration with the Lord, pain and sorrow are no longer existent. I like the idea of a celebration service that pays tribute the eternal life of a promoted Christian; that’s exactly what the departed from this world are doing, celebrating in God’s kingdom.

David Kerr

Check out my blog on 'Keep Your Fork' - it is always comforting to me when someone dear arrives into the Lord's presence.

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