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March 17, 2006


Thomas Guidy

Pastor Bobby,

Spring represents the beauty of, and the renewing of life. Jesus Christ; our savior, was left for dead, At least in the minds of his oppressors. Everyone on the Earth was given a clean slate. In the spring guess what, Jesus was resurrected. God's mighty hand will not be pushed back by NO man, or no satan. God's resolve will be worked through the eager Christian. My friend I am excited about this, as you can tell. Spring to me represents the rebirth of the weary soul. Colors and new birth are abounding. The sounds of new life emanate from all points, far and near. Even though it is spring an old life can be made new. In the depths of Winter a soul can be made new through God. I'm long winded so I'll stop there. Gob bless Pastor Bobby, and the fellowship.

Thomas Guidy

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