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February 28, 2006



HA! Yes, E-Bay is indeed a s t r e t c h to say the least. I agree. As ridiculos as it is This still may be though provoking. Thats what needs to happen, once you get someone thinking about Jesus, it could lead to someone starting or restarting the walk with God. It could even lead to someone reaffirming their walk with God, thats all I am trying to say. It gets people to THINK about Jesus where they normaly would not. Sorry that I didn't make a clear understanding.

Bobby Lepinay

Since it doesn't look like the raisin toast is going to work out, I'm going to wait for a better deal....:-) Just for the record, I do believe in authentic signs and wonders, but not the kind that show up on ebay! Grace, PB


Robert Pooley, I checked and somebody already had their garlic toast on there and it wasn't getting any bids...so I'm kind of doubtful about your raisin toast.

amanda b.

The funny part is that if i hold a piece of sheet metal out in front of me the image i see is a distorted face and two arms outstretched too. My distorted face and arms. Can you picture it?

Robert Pooley

I saw that earlier too... and the really weird thing... just this morning I saw an image of Jesus on my raisin toast... get us on EBAY and I will split the profits 60/40. I get the sixty since it was my toast.


I read that blog Pastor Bobby and I have to say that I'm 85% on your side. The 15% tells me that Jesus is still giving signs and wonders and making people THINK, thats the good news. It is sad indeed that this fellow MAY have decided to make some money off of this, if it's the way that it SEEMS. I don't know if this guy is all about money, or if he is going to tithe the profits. I'm not so quick to judge without knowing what the motivations are. But anyway I agree that folks are paying money to feel close to God I AGREE WITH THAT WHOLE HARTEDLEY. That is sad. I also think it could be a sign that we need to work harder as Christians to artfully demonstrate the written word of God. There are alot of Christians that are NOT filled in on the details. This is sad Pastor Bobby, but the negatives can even have a good impact somewhere,....somehow

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