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February 27, 2006



As humans we tend to worry. We play out the future in our heads again and again with the worst case sceanario as the outcome. Satan is creative and he is a lIAR. this a combination that can scare anyone that lets the focus get off of God. In my experience 90% of the stuff that I have worried about has NEVER came to pass because I know that I am in a walk with God. You must be carefull with worrying you can place a curse onyourself and it may come to pass. When an unbeliver gives his take on his beliefs I respond with variances of this : I am walking closer to God than I ever have now. Maturity brings wisdom. To me it is impossible to think that there isn't a master of order and creation. The universe is too big to be alone. I think that human history is long and over time has distorted views of a creator. We tend to be self centered as humans. We forget the vastness of our universe. Generaly even a non-beliver has some sort of theory of our existance. Our mind is created by God, and it is indeed inquizative. When you get a non beliver to stop thinking thats impossible, into that theory is possible you have won a major victory for God. Even scientific minds will understand this. They know their are things beyond our explaination and they will come around!

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