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February 13, 2006


Wendy McSwain

Happy Belated birthday, Pastor Bobby! My step-daughters birthday is the same day. She turned three! Hope your day was filled with blessings! Have a wonderful week celebrating birthdays!

Leah Flaton

You've got to be kidding PB! I have the *same* birthday. Ya know, I always thought we had similar personalities...I think Dave might get a laugh at this. Happy belated birthday, PB, may it be a blessed year for you!

Leah Flaton


Happy b-lated PB!
Hope u and Debbie have a great v-day!

Freddie Thronson

Happy Birthday!!!

Betty Bryant

Happy Birthday to you and your family members! Brandon's birthday was Saturday...he's 20 (can you believe it?!?!)

I pray that God will continue to use you and Harvest mightily during the next year, and that you and your family, and Harvest will all be tremendously blessed!!!

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