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January 31, 2006


Keith Murphy

I believe King Kong came out in December. While I haven't seen Cinderella Man, I thought Jackson's treatement of the Kong story was masterful. My top pick for the year. I thought the Chronicles were second (been a while since I have read the book...so maybe I didn't do as much comparison). And I too thought Revenge of the Sith was the best easily of episodes 1-3. The acting was very stilted..and I don't really think it was intentional myself..but the story was tremendously powerful.

Bobby Lepinay

Actually, I almost did cry in revenge of the sith.......except it was the scene on the porch when Amidala says, ...."Because I love you Anni..." :-) I think she should have gotten the Oscar on that one.


I saw the Corporation at school back in university of new orleans, and it was quite an eye opener. The film made me look differently at all the corporations and what they do and do not care about. Good Pick.


O.k. yes Cinderalla Man was awesome! Revenge of the Sith I can agree as well. Although truthfully that Jar Jar Binks character though on screen for two seconds was enough to gag anyone.
O.k. so Hitch was good? I'll have to pick that one up and check it out.
Just saw End of the Spear it was very good. Granted as one review I read said the music was a little over the top, however it was better than midi.

Robert Pooley

Yeh, but did you cry during revenge of the sith? No Anakin! You don't have to do it! Be a man! Make the right choice!

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