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January 20, 2006


Pastor Renee

Dear,Bobby I never wrote this statement that is still on your web site.I do not know how it got there .so maybe this could follow thank-you

Bobby Lepinay

To Respectfully yours,

Great questions and I appreciate your honest reply. Allow me to simplify.....Think of the 3 phrases you mentioned not understanding in the context of a marriage relationship. I have been married to my wife Debbie for over 21 years. I have a 'close relationship' with my wife. We 'walk together', just doing life with each other. Our union is likewise marked by 'intimacy'. Why is it so hard to think of having this with the Living God? Jesus promised this kind of relationship to those who receive Him. The Bible says in John 1:12 that "to all who receive Him, to those who believe in His Name (who God the Father says He is, speaking of Jesus..), He gave the power to become children of God....children born of the Spirit." When we do this, the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and God goes from being distant to being blazingly real and alive NOW, in us. We awaken to God. This is so drastic a change that Jesus likened it to being "Born all over again...born again", as you have probably heard the term used. Read about it in John 3. As a matter of fact, many who have been in the valley of wanting God but not knowing how to find Him have simply gone to the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), which were written for this very purpose: To discover real relationship with God through genuine faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Keep it simple. We can do mental gymnastics for 10, 20, even 50 years and be no further, only more cynical, or, simply go to the Gospel records and ask God with earnestness to help us as we seek to draw close to Him and to have real relationship with Him. Reading the Gospel of John from chapter 1 all the way to the end, uttering the simple prayer that God loves to answer, "Open the eyes of my heart, O God.", ...... this is a great place to start in your walk with God. Hope that helps at least a little bit. Feel free to email me further, as I enjoy helping people in this wonderful journey called the Christian Life...!

Pastor Renee Allan

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thank you jwf

question stupidity

I really don't understand this at all. I feel like you are addressing a question that confuses me but not answering in a way I can understand. I want the presence of God in my life but I don't understand how that works. Have I said that I don't understand enough times? "Walk with God" "Relationship with Christ" "Spiritual Intimacy" - all phrases that have more church cultural meaning than practical application. You said to put away sin but I don't have any cut and dry yesterday and tomorrow kinds of sin. I'm impatient and I judge people too quickly and I'm far too cynical for anyone's good. I'm selfish. All problems - sin - that I struggle with, but I don't know how to resolutely turn away from it, when it would seem to take more growth and mastery of the selfish part of me than just walking away from something. How can I have that closeness to God when he seems light-years away? Please, please enlighten me.

Respectfully yours.

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