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January 25, 2006


Bobby Lepinay

Hey Brian, I would be glad to address that. No doubt, God gave us brains and wants us to use them, as well as every other faculty He gave us. As Vicky stated with the church situation, too many are needlessly manipulated when they dont use the organ between the ears. Faith is not the absence of the mind. Abraham "considered"..(Rom 4), yet still believed God beyond what his mind perceived in the natural realm. The tension and balance goes for our whole life, my friend. You did well on your decision. I also dont believe it would have been wrong to go to the doctor. I always give God first shot though! The 'frozen in indecion' thing is merely fear, which we are free from and can know that God loves us and will bless us and gives us much freedom, not waiting to 'bop' us. Its late, but I hope this gives a little clarity for you. Love much, PB


Hey Bobby,
Heres my problem. I belive that myself and possibly many others struggle with overthinking which can lead to inaction which in turn can be disobedience.
For example:In recent past I began to feel pain in my back around my kidneys. I also had symptoms like burning urination and fever in my back around my kidney area. so the first thing I did was consult the first person I knew in the medical field. Easily they determined that it was probably a kidney infection and I should imediately get medical attention. I do not have a doctor so I asked my wife to contact a few leaders in the church to find out who they would suggest. The first person my wife spoke to suggested urgent care facillities and then reminded us that there was a healing room in town. After discussing the matter with my wife I determined to seek Gods healing. Immediately everything in me said this was a bad idea. My thoughts went from," what if God doesn't heal me or what if I cause more damage to my body in the waiting process etc.etc..etc...." When my loved ones found out they also told me, in love and true concern, how unwise my decission was. Longer story made short. I went to healing rooms once and felt ok but through that night I felt what I believe was a promt from God to go back the next night. God showed up! The kidney pain left and a back pain I have had for almost a year went away also. needless to say I learned something that night and to be even more honest I'm still trying to figure things out.
Have you had to fight this, and what helps you to discerne the truth and then overcome the resistance.


I think people leave their brains at the door because some teachers who teach on faith leave no alternative. That somehow its disbelief if you take some time to t-h-i-n-k. I know I've felt that way the past and learned some hard lessons because of it. I remember one time John and I were sitting in a service(obviously at a different church) about 4 years ago and the guest speaker told everyone he felt it was the time to give the best you could in an offering or you would miss out the special blessing God was doing for that time. John and I had nothing to our names at that time. We left feeling awful. In retrospect it was more a manipulation that a true moment of the Lord but of course it felt as if we were wrong. No time to think was left of course. No teaching about appropriate giving etc. Granted some people see thinking over things as an excuse to be complacent but in general I think in "faith" type circles haste has been see as spirituality rather than presumption.

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