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December 06, 2005


Betty Bryant

Are we related???? I laughed so much about your hatred for shopping...I try real hard every year to figure out how not to go to the Mall or that other place...One year I did order pretty much everything online, and it was great. None of my family members understand....some of them actually go to the mall to "get in the Christmas spirit". I prefer to...almost anything but shop.

Thanks for the smile!!

Mike & Gin

Ah c'mon PB, cookies aren't that hard to make, give Deb a hand, roll up your
sleeves and grab a spoon. Cookies, fresh
out of the oven with a cold glass of milk.
Tis the season.....


I have an idea for shopping for next year maybe if you do your shopping before the christmas season you won't hate it so much. Thats what i plan to do, bye my gifts all year round it saves having to bye everything at once and makes the shopping time more enjoyable. Just my personal opinion.

Good luck with whatever kind of shopping you have to do.
- Danielle

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