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November 21, 2005


Margie C

PB, This really "spoke" to my heart, because we've had to live this one out over the years. Sometimes our situation can look so entirely the opposite of what God has put into our hearts, that we feel foolish even speaking it, but I am beginning to see that we can limit God or move mountains by whatsoever we speak. Thanks for the good word!


How powerful! I believe God wants us to speak prophetically over our future, in accordance with His will and the desires of our hearts. Abba, (Dad) wants us to believe Him for good and perfect gifts. I propose the only condition He desires from us is obedience, out of a love relationship, instead of living a sacrificial life out of duty.


Well, I guess you know this spoke directly to my heart, Pastor Bobby! Thanks for sharing and in doing so, building my faith.


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