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November 17, 2005



When I get the kids to sleep its just me my guitar and the Lord. It is a good way to get refreshed. Corporate worship is awsome but that personal time un-interupted, is what I look foreward to. Thats the heart to heart talk with my friend that I love telling him what he means to me and hearing back.


Love the Matt Redmon-"Facedown," it draws me into worship immediately.

It's so easy, because we are busy, to leave Jesus on the outside of the door knocking...waiting to come in and be with us. Worship opens the door to being in His presence.


Oh yeah ... well said, Pastor Bobby. I have P&W playing in my home 24/7, unless I'm watching a movie or the news (ugh) or ANIMAL PLANET! : ) And it's there to keep the atmosphere of praise and worship in my home but mostly in my heart. I find such wonderful peace in being able to enter in at any time. And it keeps me in check when I want to "blow"!! Wish I could play it in my classroom!

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