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November 15, 2005



Apparently one of the 1400 things the Lord didn't tell him was to not leave his recorded voice messages on a church message center.I'm sure the man himself would have to find that pretty funny. Jody <

Shana Smith

WOW. now that was funny. my grandfather, or Oupa as you know i call him, was always a pastor. so i have heard stories like that!


mckenzie ongalo

hahaha PB, that was hilarious! my dad and I listened to it four times and about died!! thanks for that :o)

the brammer

Back and forth from side to side...back and forth from side to side...butt from side to side...back and forth from side to side...

Thanks for getting this stuck in my head...hilarious!
In Him,
The B


Well ... I consider myself pretty "computer savvy" but I can't get this thing to download to save my life. I clicked on the link and got some converstation that sounded like a debate about the war! LOL!
And now y'all all have me soooooo curious.

Betty Bryant

People REALLY should think about what they're saying...especially when leaving a recorded message!!!! (I can't help but wonder what messages God gave the caller to write about in his book...)


bobby - thanks for helping me regain my joy! i hope all the hoc members fully appreciate what a great, life-giving pastor you have. i sure do.
bobby, just to remind you: velvet elvis, rob bell, deadmalls.com, illicitohio.com be blessed.


No, probably not a good idea for us to be butt-wiggling...and no, not one of our own, but, COULD well have been...!

Michael Brown

Hmmmm.....the remix wasn't done by one
of our very own, or was it? HILARIOUS!!!

rachel thurmond

Note to self: no butt wiggling when on stage......
I was laughing so much...and when he mentioned his book, I almost fell off the chair...thanks for that one PB.

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