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November 29, 2005



What a wonderful analogy, Pastor Bobby. And WHEW! I'm thinkin' "I don't know a thing about playing ball ... can't even hit one straight on", so I'm thankful I know the Coach! LOL!

Mike & Gin

Almost forgot the foul balls, pass
balls, and been hit with a few "wild"

Mike & Gin

Hey PB, we've been hit with the curveball,
slider, fast ball, screwball, knuckle ball,
forkball, and the dreaded illegal SPITBAll.
And let's not forget the sinker. But...
we're still in the game, listening to the


In the middle of a curveball pitch as we speak. And swinging with all my might. Awsome post pastor



How true about the curveballs, Pastor Bobby. I can remember a big one a couple of years ago. They kind of make you grow up as well. You can either lie in self-pity and try to get other people to help you or you can take the bat in your own hands and learn to hit the stuffing out of the ball. Thanks.

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