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October 17, 2005


Matt Wellinghurst

Hey Bobby-
While cruising the net here in Iraq I stumbled across the churches web site, along with yours. Good stuff! Thankyou for your sincere heart and passion for the Lord. You're in my prayers. Please tell everyone hello. Your brother in Christ.


john dufrene

This is a good one for me. A week ago friday, I got a promotion at work, then got home the same day and our a/c in our home went out, kinda discouraging, especially when we found out that the compressor would cost $1200.00. I put it in Gods hand though and Praise God, the guy that was working on it for us, discovered that the a/c was registered by the people we bought the home from and it was still under warranty, and all we had to pay was labor. I remember my brother chris preached one time on storms in life, they make us stronger and God may let us have storms in life, so we can experience it and come through, so we can help other that might go through the same thing one day.

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