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October 24, 2005




Rachel Thurmond

The temporal is worthless, the eternal is all that matters...being probed and convicted is necessary...great word Pastor Bobby. I am reading "Under Cover" by John Bevere. A great book that exposes deception within the CHURCH and deals with being subject to God and all authority. The enemy certainly is a great liar and tells us we can "make it" as a christian without being a part of a church (not just attending). As soon as we withdraw and disobey, He lifts His hand and the enemy can step in. A great deception. I have seen this played out time and again. To be spiritually healthy we need to be real and exposed to the Lord AND His people. I think pride is evident when we feel 'all we need is the Lord' and we go solo. For the sake of our souls we must take heed...thanks again for a great word. Don't hold back, we all need to hear it.

Leslie Foster

I am a new visitor to your church and I will have to say what you said goes right along with the first part of your sermon Sunday night. The spirit of unbelief has shaken people. And the scary thing is, they might not even know it is getting a hold of them. I haven't had a home church in 3 years due to circumstances such as missing my old church, and comparing all the others to that one....and to, like you said, LAZINESS. God has definitely awakened me; and your message here and Sunday stepped all over my toes. That's not always fun, but needed. I'd rather the message step on my toes, then for God to crush me entirely. I love the Lord and want to please him. And I know others who don't attend feel that way deep down, but I see that when you withdraw from "the assembling of yourselves", you lose perspective on so many things and the feeling of the total love you have for God. Which is where that nasty spirit of unbelief can take over. I've never doubted my faith, but I believe if I had continued on the path that I was on, I might have been deceived by unbelief. Thank you God for your revelation and for this church. And thank you Pastor Bobby for keeping it straight. My toes might be bruised, but my heart is overjoyed once again. God is moving in your church, and I can't wait to become an active part of it!!!


Excellent insights....you are so right about other cultures and their appreciation of gathering as the people of God....PB

Lauren Marchlewski

I love the straight talk. Thanks.

Chris Dufrene

Just from a different perspective....We did not attend church when I was a young person. It wasn't until we moved to Mississippi when i was 14 that we began going. I really consider it an honor to go, and while i totally agree that it is one of the most clear commands in the bible, i just feel like if you realize some people don't have the chance or means to enter into any kind of church, you wouldn't take it for granted so much. When i was in Costa Rica on a mission trip we were building a "building" for a church, but while we were building it, the people "met" in the rocks next to the jungle to worship, rain or shine. What an honor to enter Harvest and worship The Most High. It truly is our loss when we miss.

Bill Robinson

Bob, I agree whole-heartedly! I was in church every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night since I was born. I never considered it a chore but a part of my life and my culture. Christian go to church. That's what they do. That's not JUST who they are, but like I said, that IS what they do.

(KJV) "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together..."

If we miss a Sunday (normally due to illness or away from town) my children get mad! Danielle says she "HATES IT!" when we miss church. Not once do I ever remeber my children saying, "do we have to" when it comes to going to church. It is ingrained in my children as much as it is in me. I believe God will honor that priority we have made in our lives.

The verse in Hebrews is not a suggestion. The greek tense is in the imperative - it is a command.

We live in an ungodly world and ungodliness shoved in our faces 6 days a week. I would think it would be a relief to fellowship with like-minded folks and a refreshment to worship the Lord.

Good word Bobby!

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